Why This Blog?

I can only imagine that if I’m lucky enough to have you reading this page, that you might have a couple of questions about this blog and how it came to be. For a personal background, check out the About Me page.

Here are some questions that I could foresee being asked at some point:

Q: Why a blog and not a vlog?
A: There are a couple of reasons for this. One reason is that I absolutely cannot stand the way my voice sounds in videos. I am also very self-conscious and simply not comfortable vlogging at this point (I have no idea how Andrew Neeme, Brad Owen, and many others put together a vlog that is edited, polished, featuring drone shots, musical accompaniment…that is far beyond my level of skill). Furthermore, writing is something I’ve done both for a blog as well as professionally, providing a thin layer of anonymity that I feel comfortable writing behind (See the answer to the next question for more on that last statement).

With all that being said, it’s possible that at some point I’ll post some short videos and break down some additional digital walls on this site.

Q: Who are you, IRL?
A: I’d rather not directly say, as I’m not comfortable having two worlds that I straddle between intersect. I’ve learned from experience in a previous job that being known as someone who plays Poker at a casino is frowned upon in an office setting, and can have negative consequences for one’s career in corporate America. While nothing illegal is happening, Poker is a delicate subject as it’s immediately linked to gambling and degeneracy in the minds of many. This tends not to be a favorable association to be linked to in many traditional job settings.

However, it’s quite simple to find out who I am if you’re really that interested. All you would need to do is cross-validate a posted tournament result of mine with the official results from that event. This is why I called it a “thin” layer of anonymity in the answer to the previous question. The “wearing shades at the table” of this blog, if you will.

Q: Why “Poker Dad 40” – what does that mean?
A: I’m a Dad who plays poker and, at the time of this blog’s creation, have turned 40. My advancing age is something I’ve learned to embrace – surprisingly, I get called “kid” or “young man” still to this day, which I am always extremely grateful to hear!

Q: Can I find you on Instagram / Twitter / YouTube / etc…?
A: I’m horrible at social media, which is another reason why a blog is the perfect medium for content creation for me. Social media also brings a certain exposure to which I am not comfortable with at the time of this writing. This is something that can change for me over time, however.

Q: Where do you usually play?
A: I am located in South Florida – my properties of choice are:
– Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood (Tournaments and Cash)
– Seminole Coconut Creek (Primarily Cash and the WSOP Circuit Series)
– Palm Beach Kennel Club (Strictly Cash)
– The Isle Casino @ Pompano Park (Maybe a few times a year, depending on what tournament series and/or my schedule permits)

I also play (time permitting, of course) at other properties around the country, if I’m travelling for business or on vacation. Some of the properties I’ve played at include, but are not limited to:
– Aria, Bellagio, and other rooms on the Las Vegas Strip
– Lucky Chances Casino in Colma, CA
– Bay 101 in San Jose, CA
– El Dorado / Silver Legacy / Circus Circus (Back in the day) in Reno, NV
– Oaks Card Club in Emeryville (Oakland), CA
– Horseshoe Hammond Casino in Hammond, IN (Chicagoland)
– Lumiere Place in St. Louis, MO
– Encore Boston in Boston, MA
– I’ve even played poker on the Celebrity Equinox cruise ship!

Q: What do you do for a living, if not poker?
A: Once again, this hits too close to home. Suffice to say that I have a great job at a large corporation, where I have a high level of responsibility. I’ve been in this vertical for quite some time now, and have been fortunate to have a career to fully support my family, our future, and go on cool, family vacations. I’m not a professional poker player, although every one who doesn’t play poker full-time most likely dreams of what that would be like – I’m not exempt from that group. If I were to ever win some crazy seven-figure score or become the next PSPC Champ, then, obviously, I can reconsider my career options at that point.

Q: Why a blog in the first place?
A: I started this blog for a few reasons. One, as a means of self-reflection, analysis, and improvement to my overall game. Documenting key hands and overall session details, and reviewing / reflecting upon that documentation can help a Poker player’s development a great deal. Two, as a means to develop more content for South Florida Poker in general. A lot of the content available on Poker is heavy on Las Vegas, California, and online play – South Florida is a large market for Poker with a substantial player pool, including regs, fish, whales, and top tournament players. South Florida also hosts top tournament series with large guarantees; my hope being that this blog can document some of these events and the “scene” here, if possible.

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